Resisting the Spectacle of Being a T1 Kid

There is something about the rare moments when you can watch your kids quietly from a distance, observing them as they interact with their friends. I’m often surprised by what I learn about their personalities when they realize Mommy is not hovering over them. It’s hard to provide that space, as learning not to interfere means suppressing my natural maternal instincts, especially for my T1 child.

Zayd was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes a few days after his second birthday. He is my baby, my first born, and his diagnosis brought out the fierce mama bear in me. I wanted to make this go away, to pull him back in my womb where he could once again be safe, but I couldn’t. Instead, our life became consumed by insulin shots, needles, finger pricks, and carb counting. Throw in erratic toddler eating and sleep habits and you can imagine how chaotic it was. I couldn’t let go for a single minute. After all, diabetes doesn’t ever let up.

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